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Dr. Katie Benson

Dr. Katie Benson

I grew up on a farm in Mt. Victory, Ohio. I was a tough farm girl. Though I was a tough farm kid, I was the sickest amongst my brother and sister. I was always the one with sinus problems constantly having to take Benadryl. I had reoccurring ear infections and I remember always having to take those gross antibiotics that tasted like bubble gum. I always had some problem with back, hip, knee or foot pain that bothered me during sports. When my back pain and hip pain got really bad, my Mom would take me to see the chiropractor and it always made me feel better. In high school and college I was a 4.0 student, I was taking all the classes to be a Pre-Med major and was trying to decide if I wanted to go onto medical school, but God kept laying it on my heart to become a Chiropractor. I knew I wanted to help people and I just kept thinking about how chiropractic had helped me.

While in chiropractic school, I saw my health really start to deteriorate. At 23 years old I didn't feel good, I was always tired, most days I felt depressed, I was overweight and started feeling this sense of anxiety.  During this time, I remember thinking “here I go” “I’m going to end up like my grandparents.” Im already starting to go down hill in my 20’s. I saw multiple family members who had worked hard on the farm, but didn’t take care of themselves so by they time they were in their 60’s they had crippling arthritis, they were diabetics, overweight and if they were lucky to make it to their 80’s, they weren't spending their winters in Florida, they were in and out of the nursing home. I saw myself slipping into that same life and I was worried because I didn’t want to end up like that.
Thankfully, a friend of mine at chiropractic school, invited me the check-out a Max Living chiropractor in Florida.

I grew up going to a chiropractor and I had never saw anything like this. I heard about these amazing patient testimonies of people getting their health back, getting off medications, and reversing disease. I stayed and listened to that chiropractors health workshop and I learned something that night that forever transformed my life. I learned that chiropractic had nothing to do with back or neck pain. I learned that our bodies are built with the amazing potential to heal and be well.  For the first time I was taught that God put the most amazing healing power inside our bodies. That this healing power is in our brain, spinal cord and nervous system. I learned that the same power that made our bodies is the same power that runs our bodies and heals our bodies. I learned that truly chiropractic is about removing interference off your nervous system (correcting subluxations) with adjustments thus allowing your body to function and heal at its fullest God given potential. For the first time I understood that health and healing come from above- down and inside-out. Meaning that all life flows from God and that innate power he placed inside our bodies is what heals us. That the greatest doctor in the world already lives inside us!

What Ive learned though the years is that it isn’t not your genes that determine your health. I know that God did not create you to fall apart in your 20, 30, 40, 50, ect. and be stuck taking drugs the rest of your life. I learned that God designed us to express amazing health. I learned that everyone has this power inside them, the power to heal, the power to become healthier, the power to transform your life.

Upon learning this life saving principle  I immediately started getting corrective chiropractic care multiple times a week. Knowing that each adjustment was removing pressure off my nervous system thus allowing the tiny rivulets of force to travel from my brain to my body and restoring my pull healing power. Within 6-months to a year, my energy was back, my depression was gone, I didn’t feel anxious anymore, and I started actually feeling amazing for the first time in my life. My husband Josh, he was my first patent. I told him Im going to adjust you and your acid reflux will go away. Now mind you he had horrible acid reflux for over 5 years. He had to take Nexium daily or he would vomit up acid. Looking back, I don’t know if he believed me or was like has my wife completely lost it:) But within 1 month of adjusting his spine, corrective his subluxations and removing the interference off his nervous system and allowing his body to heal his stomach the way it was designed to, his reflux was gone. He thew away his nexium, he threw away all his Tums and now today 11 years later he is still has no signs of acid reflux! We have both lived drug-free( no tylenol, no aspirin, no sinus meds, no reflux meds) for over 11years. We continue to get adjusted weekly, and sometimes more if our bodies need it.

Now today, Im in my mid 30’s, I have two amazing little boys, I have ran one of the largest wellness clinics in Ohio for the past 10 years, and Im a part of the largest natural health moment on the planet through Max Living. Shortly after I saw how my health and my husband health was transformed through corrective chiropractic care, I realized that chiropractic was not just going to be a profession for me…but it was going to be my mission! I have this burning desire to teach people the truth about health. I see that people are being lied too everyday, their being told that their body is broken, that they need drugs, that their kids need vaccines, and that they are weak. But I know the truth. I know that they are powerful, that they are amazing, that God made them to heal from the inside-out and he made them for greatness. I have seen hundreds of patients reverse diseases like diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune conditions. We have helped hundreds of kids live healthier lives free from ADHD, asthma, digestive problems, headaches, ect. And now I have the amazing opportunity to know what I know and apply it to my little boys. They have been adjusted since they were minutes old, they eat organic, non-processed foods, they have never had one vaccine, and they are amazingly healthy and I know that they will never have to face the health challenges that I did. I thank God everyday that he made a Chiropractor. I feel blessed and its my mission to be a blessing to others by sharing this amazing chiropractic principle that has transformed my life and will continue to transform the lives of thousands more.

Dr. Katie Benson

Our Staff

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Angela Phillips

Chiropractic Assistant

For years I suffered with terrible headaches I had no energy and was overweight! I met Dr. Katie at a recipe night that my mother-in-law invited me too. For the first time I learned that eating healthy food could taste good too.
My journey began over nine years ago I started as a patient at Dr Katie‘s. I cleaned up my diet, I got adjusted weekly, and I started taking all the supplements. Today I have no headaches, I’ve lost over 45 pounds, I have my energy back and my health back!!

I have worked for Dr. Benson since 2010. I never would’ve thought the girl who used to eat fast food, cookies, and drink Diet Coke would now be teaching patients how to eat clean and be healthy! I love working with families in our office and teaching them about The 5 essentials of Max Living. It’s very rewarding knowing that what I do every day helps make a difference in peoples lives and their health!!!

Emily Blue

Chiropractic Assistant

Before I started my MaxLiving journey I had a heap of health issues. I put up with daily headaches/migraines, poor sleep, zero energy, hormonal imbalances, moodiness and irritability. I was over medicated and was only in my early 20’s! Since i started living the 5 essentials lifestyle and correcting my spine I have noticed my life completely change. I no longer deal with any health issues and I’m getting healthier and happier as I get older. I have more energy now then when I was a kid! My family also lives the lifestyle because we understand true health comes from within. That’s why I love doing what I get to do everyday. I have seen how it has transformed and bettered my families lives and I want to help others achieve that.


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